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Stuff that's happened................

Alot of shit has gone down since I last posted. Let's see.........hmmm.......I auditioned for "Mary", it's a rock opera based on her life. Y'know, Christ's mother. Alot of my friends were surprised. "That's a Christian play!!!! What are you doing in it???? It's didn't help matters in that respect that just a few days ago I got threat of suspension for acting out in an assembly. Alright, I'm Wiccan. Not going to flaunt it, but not going to deny it either. Alright. That said we had an assembly supposedly a "motivational" sort of thing. Well it ended up "If you go to the work of the Witches and the Satanists, then you are damned!" Now be informed that I had been quiet and respectful until now. I yelled at the top of my lungs "SAVE ME JEBUS!!!!!!!!!! Everyone stared at me. Later some of my fellow Wiccans were like "That took balls Luna" so yeah..... Umm....I'm learning guitar......I got a book and it's got a bunch of songs and I'm reading the tabs....I've learned "El Shaddai" it's really pretty. Um....
Sorry just had to get that out. It'll be my 15th b-day and his 18th!!! We were both born on the 22nd on December. Mr. Burch has kinda layed off though which is good. But the other day I was up @ his desk and I asked a ?, right? Well I smelt bacon...or some sort of meat cooking.....anyway....he says "I got some venision down in the freezer" "Ugh.....deer meat" "Yup it's nice tenderloin, you know where you get tenderloin right?" Then he runs his hands up and down my back......."right here".......*shudder* So yeah.....that's my update.......If anyone actually gives a shit.
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